Born and Bred in Perak, Malaysia, Keng Saw's animated soul ignites him to illustrate kitschy sketches befitting the contemporary world of fashion. He sketches sassy models dressed in fun interpretations of current high fashion trends. To Saw, art is in creating cheeky dynamics on his canvas, encapsulating a wonder of bewilderment in his illustrations.

At the tender age of 20, Saw packed his bags and headed to Paris. After a year of studying at ESMOD (an international school of fashion design), he got a head start when his principal secured him a job as an assistant designer at a styling office in Paris — and that, marked the beginning of his creative career. After living in the fashion capital for 30 years, he's developed an in-depth understanding of the French and international markets, and has since flourished into a designer and illustrator known for his innovative designs, having inspired collections in Europe and Asia for both luxury and mass markets.

Deeply influenced by the Parisienne's nonchalant and non-conformist style of life, Saw is now a fashion illustrator and designer whose commercial client list includes high-profile brands like Hermès, Elle, L'Avenue Shanghai, Elle Singapore, C&A China, Chantal Thomass, Bla Bla Bra, Votre Beauté and Promostyl Paris.

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